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Who are you? The simplest of questions with no simple answer. From birth to death we go along, leaping from one challenge to another, struggling to find our way. Some of us play the proverbial leaf on the wind, and go wherever fate blows us. Some have a plan, created in meticulous detail, laying out the steps of their lives like the stepping stones across a creek, and some know only how little they do know, bound by indecision and adrift on an ocean of possibilities, lost at sea. Some question their own identities, afraid to go forward and unable to go back, and yet others have never stopped to ask themselves the question to begin with, secure in their belief that they’re on the right track.
Some of us are right. . .
And some are dead wrong,
Either way . . . you’re about to discover which one you are.

‘The Ties That Bind: Part:1’ begins with individual Preludes for each player exploring how each has come to discover their Fae nature, their establishment in Bucks County PA, and the search for others of their kind in order to survive the challenges that every new Changeling is faced with.

‘The Ties That Bind: Part:2’ weaves the individual player stories together as the players encounter each other for the 1st time, struggle to overcome their individual challenges and strive to locate those that don’t wish to be found.

‘The Ties That Bind: Part:3’ The players continue to work through their individual challenges as they begin to discover what it means to be Changeling, but what does that mean for their former lives, how will they navigate the complex social waters of Changeling society, and where will their choices land them?

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The Ties That Bind Wendell_Burke