His Excellency Count Kirian ap Gwydion

Count of Bucks' Run in the Kingdom of Apples of Concordia


Statuesque & powerfully built, a Sidhe in his late 20’s, The Count is a model of grace. Long, wavy copper colored hair hanging midway down his chest with long, swept back, pointed ears. He’s dressed in matching velvet breeches and doublet of forest green and trimmed in gold, the sleeves, split in fours, over a fine silk, ruffled, high collared shirt the color or rich earth. He wears thigh high brown leather riding boots and a long, flowing dark green velvet cloak trimmed in gold fanning out behind him as he moves. The cloak is fastened with a large gold and green enameled cloak pin. The image on the pin matches the Pennons outside.
His bearing is unquestionably noble. In his wake, the scents of honeysuckle and oiled leather mingle with the air. His facial features are sharp and angular with high, strong cheekbones beneath stunning, bright hazel/green eyes that almost appear illuminated from within. His full, dark eyebrows rise slightly and he bears a cordial expression. There is a shining golden, delicately crafted coronet of woven flowering vines upon his brow. His fair complexion is flawless and his allure, near overwhelming, far surpassing anyone you have ever seen. He is truly, breathtaking to behold; a vision from fairytales come to life.


The inscrutable Count Kirian is the lord of the Lodge of the Verdant Vine in the County of Bucks’ Run in the Dutchy of Liberty’s Heart. Upon being informed of the presence of three new Changelings in his demense who are fresh out of Chrysalis, The Count invited them to dinner and sent his Herald, Lindus the Satyr to retrieve them. Since that time, the Retinue of the Count has been assisting the group in their acclimation to Changeling culture.

His Excellency Count Kirian ap Gwydion

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