The Ties That Bind

Jason Arch
Moments before

Journal entry 2201242 Mark 345
The night is coming when we are going to enter the dreaming. Ani is very excited and I can hardly wait to see her traveling….it must be wondrous to be so free spirited. Burton is excited to, and Choplick sees the adventure as going home. I am very happy for them all, but my journey is more difficult. I am excited but I feel more questions than answers await as we journey down the Trod. After all, what am I going to do on a cart ride? I won’t have any electronics and can’t really work on anything. I feel disconnected but excited. After all, I love to build, I love to see my friends happy, and I love the dreaming, but every time I am in the dreaming I feel…not bored…but useless. Place on top of that the fact I’ve never really traveled anywhere, especially with out my parents, or mom in almost every case I feel a bit of anxiety.
I told my mom I would be with Burton over the weekend. The concern I have is the dreaming’s inability for time consistency. I love the fact that time moves slower in the dreaming, but we’ve been told time can move faster as well. What if I come home late? What if my mom tries to get a hold of me? I dread that scenario.
The Desoto is coming along….the autumn world is what I know…its what I can easily interact with, it’s where I can create, the Dreaming not so much…I am simply an observer, a participant in events that are really fun but always find an end.
I hope I can be a part of the group in stead of an observer.

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